Our Supply Range Of Acid Resistant Bricks, Acid Proof Bricks, Alkali Resistant Bricks, Alkali Proof Bricks

We are well-known as the largest manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Acid Resistant Bricks, Acid Proof Bricks, Alkali Resistant Bricks, Alkali Proof Bricks exporters all over the world. These offered bricks are utilized in many chemical process floors and for masonry constructions and floorings subject to acid attack, the lining of chambers and towers in chemical plants, the lining of sewers carrying industrial effluents, and to prevent deterioration of the surface by acids except hydrofluoric acid and perchloric acids.

We the bricks using premium quality material, which imparts high load-bearing strength to these bricks. Our Acid Resistant Bricks are wisely esteemed for their sturdiness, precise dimensions, and longer working life. Further our experts make sure to carry out a proper quality check in accordance to set industrial standards to ensure the quality of the product. The price range that we offer is pocket-friendly.

Acid Resistant Bricks Manufacturer

Product Details

Name of Product Acid Resistant Brick
IS 4860
Material Used Highly Durable & Qualitative Acid Proof
  • Cement plants
  • Power plant
  • Steel plants
  • Chemical Plant
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Battery Rooms
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Paper Mills
  • Ware House
  • Food Processing Units etc
Size 230 x 115 x 75 MM
230 x 115 x 65 MM
230 x 115 x 38 MM
230 x 115 x 25 MM
Provide Special Size As Per Requirements
Main Advantage Size Variation Is Very Less

Dimension For Acid Resistant Bricks And Tiles:

  • 230x115x15mm
  • 200x100x20mm
  • 200x100x12mm
  • 300x150x25mm
  • 300x150x20mm
  • 150x150x25mm
  • 150x150x20mm
  • 230x115x75mm
  • 230x115x65mm
  • 230x115x50mm
  • 230x115x38mm
  • 230x115x30mm
  • 230x115x25mm
  • 230x115x20mm

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