Since our inception our team of expert and skilled personnel has enabled us to export, manufacture and supply Chemical Resistant Tiles/Chemical Proof Tiles. Our manufactured bricks are made of premium quality raw materials and utilizing advanced machinery and techniques. These bricks are known for their sturdy nature and are able to bear heavy loads. Due to their optimum resistance against chemicals, acids, high temperature, and corrosion, these bricks have earned a huge demand among our valued customer in the world market. These Chemical Resistant Bricks/Chemical Proof Bricks are widely used in environments that engage aggressive corrosive conditions and elevated temperatures. We have designed such bricks to protect containment tanks and vessels made of steel, concrete, ordinary masonry, fiber-reinforced polyesters.

Chemical Resistant Bricks, Chemical Proof Bricks Manufacturer

Attributes of Chemical Resistance Brick / Chemical Proof Bricks

  • Usage adaptability without affectability to minor changes in chemical processes, and appropriateness for a wide range of processes
  • Cost Savings: where alloys and unique metals wind up uneconomical in view of accelerated chemical attack at high temperatures, chemical resistant brick inside the vessel can bring down temperatures and fixation levels, making it feasible to utilize more affordable alloys
  • Repair ability compared to the finite durability of alloys
  • Insulation inside a vessel is less susceptible to damage than is external insulation
  • Cooler operation reduces degree of external protection necessary for worker safety

Product Details

Name of Product Chemical Resistance Brick / Chemical Proof Bricks
IS 4860
Material Used Highly Durable & Qualitative Acid Proof
  • Cement plants
  • Power plant
  • Steel plants
  • Chemical Plant
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Battery Rooms
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Paper Mills
  • Ware House
  • Food Processing Units etc
Size 230 x 115 x 75 MM
230 x 115 x 65 MM
230 x 115 x 38 MM
230 x 115 x 25 MM
Provide Special Size As Per Requirements
Main Advantage Size Variation Is Very Less

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